Jīvitaya by Brook Skillman
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Organizer and Facilitator of Yoga Gatherings (workshops, retreats and trainings)


Jivitaya by Brook Skillman

Connecting the Yoga & Wellness Community Globally


Events // Yoga Gatherings


Upcoming Workshop: Christina Syms Yoga for Surf

July 14-17: Hideaway Resort, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Upcoming Retreat: Awaken & Evolve Yoga, Health and Healing Retreat

October 22-28: Hideaway Resort, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Teacher Training: Elemental Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours

February 3-24: 9 Provinces Retreat, Pilana, Sri Lanka




Yoga Teachers, Wellness Providers & Yoga Venues: Allow Jivitaya to do the match-making.

Jīvitaya organises Yoga Gatherings (workshops, retreats, trainings) with
the intention to connect great teachers, schools and wellness
providers to their perfect tropical venue, smoothing out all the logistics,
and creating a stress-free experience.


Jīvitaya // Life


Brook Skillman

Founder and operator of Jivitaya, Holistic Physiotherapist, International Yoga Therapist, and Wellness Educator, Brook is influenced by several Yoga traditions and recognised internationally for her expertise in offering holistic knowledge through therapy, workshops and courses. Her intention is to enhance life by deepening the mind-body connection and to provide the tools to heal. Check out what a Physiotherapy Treatment, Customised Yoga session, and Preventative Therapy entails.

If you have the opportunity to practice with Brook then I highly recommend you do! Brook is an excellent teacher, skilfully creating space for you to learn, with a real talent for personalising your practice within a group setting. Fabulous!
— Nic Pearson