Yin vs. Yang: Creating a Sacred Space

Think about what you have done today. Did you check off everything you had on your list? Is your day only successful by how many tasks you have completed? I hear it all the time, “Well, I accomplished a lot today so my day went well.”

Accomplishments are great, however do you ever give yourself credit for NOT doing anything? Today, especially in the West, relaxing and taking time to reflect and simply receive is not a standard of living. We are so hard on ourselves if we are not using every moment to achieve and do something. Sometimes just by thinking about doing something makes us feel better (but thinking is still doing).

To keep it simple, our solar masculine (Yang) energy, is the energy that drives us to do, to give, to achieve. Our lunar feminine (Yin) energy listens, is passive and receiving in order to create. All of us know that there must be a balance in giving and receiving when it comes to relationships, work and money but why not for ourselves? In order to do anything we must relax and receive. Imagine just doing all day and never sleeping. Our sleep is our only time that we take a moment to receive and relax and even then our mental body tends to keep working throughout the night. This is why sleep has become so vital to our health today however the Yogis I have met, the real Yogis, sleep only 2-3 hours and skip up the Himalayan Mountains. They don’t need to sleep 8 hours because they balance their yin and yang energies.


Each one of us has Yin and Yang qualities but the key to understanding Yin and Yang is that they are relative concepts. One does not exist without the other and balancing these two energies becomes useful for understanding the flow of life, the relationship between things. It’s a powerful concept that can really enrich your life: There is a flow. Yang is always transforming to Yin, and Yin is always transforming to Yang. After an action there is rest. After rest there is action.

So in hopes to influence many mothers who want-to-be or are in the midst of coming-to-be, here is a small portion of my story. My experience with truly understanding these qualities within myself came after I had a miscarriage that sent me into an unhealthy, self-sabotaging state as to find out WHY myself and many other women are losing their babies in the West. Without knowing it at the time, I set out on a journey to Bali where my answers were found. My paths crossed with renowned teacher, Sofia Araujo (spiral-growth.com) who shined the light on just how sacred the feminine experience really is and how disconnected I was from that part of me. I was in FULL Yang mode during my time of pregnancy. I completely disregarded the entire Yin process of making a baby. While flying all around the globe (yang), working (yang), surfing (yang) and eating yang foods (mainly dairy), there was no space or time for my baby to grow, to receive my energy because I was giving all of my energy to the outside world. The truth is this, is a man’s world—a yang world at this point but in a yang world this is in no way conducive in creating a baby. In order to create we must relax and receive.


After embracing that I was and am capable of planting and growing a seed by finding space, I went inwards. I planted my seed by changing my Yoga practice from a vigorous vinyasa practice to a restorative (yet still strong) tantric hatha practice, my meditations became more important than movement (and I love to move), and I actually began to assimilate my food giving me the capacity to create a human being. One year later, my seed began to grow. Although I was working and creating a new business, every moment I reminded myself to stay calm, to conserve and to receive—to be present. Every moment I nurtured myself, an obstacle that was very new to me. Nine months later Jaia Akila made her grand entrance into the world.

I do not come from a place of self-righteousness, but from a place of compassion for all those women trying to survive in a man’s world. I encourage you to take this magical time to truly honor your entire being so that when the seed is planted, it will thrive.


Brook Skillman