If you have the opportunity to practice with Brook then I highly recommend you do! Brook is an excellent teacher, skilfully creating space for you to learn, with a real talent for personalising your practice within a group setting. Fabulous!


Brook Skillman, Jīvitaya's founder, is a Holistic Physiotherapist, International Yoga Therapist, and Wellness Educator. With an education in Kinesiology, Yoga Therapy, and Rehabilitative Pilates, she provides Yoga Anatomy, Biomechanics, & Injury Prevention courses for various Yoga Teacher Trainings and Immersions. She is also a certified Continuing Education Provider and shares her knowledge globally. 

Brook's unique teaching approach is based from 15 years of sadhana, teaching experience, and education in Ashtanga Mysore, Hatha, Vinyasa, Tantra Yoga and Vipassana. She has trained and taught in USA, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bali, Java, Vietnam and India immersing herself in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine along the way. She always holds a sacred and safe space by integrating anatomical focus, energetic anatomy, and injury prevention while using her ability to tune in with her students in order to empower and support each student's unique journey. Brook teaches privates and semi-privates for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners customizing the practice specifically for the practitioner.

Currently Brook is operating Jivitaya Yoga & Wellness studio in Shelby, Montana, providing continuing education courses and teacher trainings immersions, facilitating various teacher trainings globally, and welcoming new baby Jaia Akila into the world.


Originally from the East Cost from a small rural town in Pennsylvania, Bethany now considers herself a Montana lover. She has lived here now with her husband and two children for 6 years. 

She had heard of the many benefits of yoga and only stretched for high intensity fad workouts that never stuck.  She now believes yoga translates to life in every aspect.  "I went to one of Brook' s first classes and have been hooked ever since!" 

Bethany loves art, reading, hiking and fishing. Her family and friends are very dear to Bethany being so far from family, she's happy to raise her children in a small community. She loves working with children as she sees that they are our future and can change the world.  "I love working with children and enjoy my job as a teacher assistant at the Head Start here in Shelby.  Children, just like yoga, help me slow down from the fast pace hectic world and enjoy and truly learn about life." 

She's currently finishing her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Jivitaya Yoga School. "Yoga makes me so happy and if I can make that happen for someone else that would just be amazing. The benefits are endless."




Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a background in dance, primarily ballet, she grew up loving movement and connecting with the body. She found yoga after having two children and realizing that she wanted to get moving again. Christal fell in love with yoga instantly. She recognized that yoga was about self improvement, patience, and loving your body for what it can do. She decided that she wanted to share this message and practice it with everyone. 



She hails from the Midwest! Nikki grew up on a small Wisconsin dairy farm. She moved out to Montana 12 years ago to the Rocky Mountain Front where she fell in love with the beauty of the earth! 

Nikki first started yoga from a friends recommendation to do along side her HIIT workouts. She soon shed the mindset that yoga was "just stretching" Her first few studio practices became a beloved safe place to let go of the stress from this face paced world and learn to be in the moment. Her practice evolved by integrating a home practice realizing the power of yoga spreads to all aspects of life:mind,body, and spirit.

Nikki loves family, hiking, camping, being on the water, cooking, skiing, gardening, driving John Deere tractors, and all things outdoors! 

"Its so great no to have to be "perfect" in your poses but to come just as you are. Yoga is teaching me to let go, allow whatever life is showing and giving you, and to love yourself for you you are! I'm not sure where my yoga journey will take me in life but I want to spread the awareness in your body and life, gratitude for all things, love for the world, connection to your body, and involvement in your own healing that yoga provides."


A dedicated yogi for 7 years and a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, Rosanne is proud to share her knowledge and experience with Montana's Rocky Mountain Front. 

Rosanne was born and raised in Manhattan, New York as a first-generation Filipino-American. In 2011, she moved to Telluride, CO to pursue her legal career and her passion for snowboarding. There, she was introduced to yoga by Kristin Taylor at the Telluride Yoga Center. Over time, yoga became an integral part of her life and served as a vehicle to connect mind, body, and spirit. 

In 2013, Rosanne moved to Missoula, MT to attend law school and she continued her yoga practice with Brian Baty at Inner Harmony Yoga. As stress levels elevated, Rosanne’s yoga practice (and Montana Snowbowl) kept her grounded and mindful, which in turn, helped her obtain academic and person success. In 2017, after passing the Montana bar exam, she accepted a position that led her to Choteau, MT (check out the local paper's article). The following year, she attained her 200-hour yoga teacher certificate in Bali, Indonesia with the renowned Jolie Manza and YogaKoh

Although Rosanne still considers herself a New Yorker by blood, she considers herself a Montanan by heart. It’s her dream to live in the mountains while pursuing both her yoga and legal career. Thank you for helping make this dream come true!