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Post Surgery or Surgery Prevention, PTSD, Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Illness & Pain, Sports Injury Prevention, Psycological Disorders...

It is time to look at what needs attention in your life. Being physically restricted can actually open your eyes to the deeper, more subtle aspects of you. Give yourself the gift of truly healing. Instead of going to a physical therapist weekly to slowly heal with little to no emotional support, why not make it a healing retreat for yourself? These customized retreats are designed specifically for you to heal optimally while giving yourself some down town to really explore the underlying lessons, to appreciate the "downtime", and to transform versus just heal. Physical, emotional and mental illness is manifested from a place of energy investment. Where are you putting your energy? Whether you have been in a car accident, experienced trauma, or have a chronic illness, give yourself a week to stop in order to find the root cause. 

In-Home Retreat

Stay cozy at home with an in-home private yoga therapist to give you daily yoga sessions, nutritional guidance and space to heal. 

Puerto Rico Private Retreat

Come to me, here on the tropical island of Puerto Rico. Stay where you would like and I come to you daily.

Choose your destination

Pack your yoga therapist to any destination of your choice.