Holistic Physiotherapy


“Brook has airtight knowledge of the body’s anatomy and biomechanics but she interweaves a visceral, spiritual dimension into it–something that only a special person can do. I highly recommend Brook to anyone who is looking to learn more about her/his body, even if nothing ails you physically, she will provide you with some fantastic, insightful information about your holistic health. Thank you Brook–my body sings!”



1. Postural Analysis

The therapy always begins with a thorough diagnostic of your biomechanical imbalances, postural tendencies, and alignment needs.

2. Manual Therapy

A gross to subtle body scan with specific myofascial trigger therapy, spinal rebalancing, acupressure and craniosacral therapy

3. Biomechanics & Exercise Prescription

A customized yoga therapy and movement prescription designed just for you to keep your body in alignment, balanced and free of injury.